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 1.    Have as many items that will fit in a box.  It is easier for your movers to dolly
        a stack of boxes versus carrying "A" box or two.

 2.    If you must use trash bags for some items, make sure the bags are thick and
        won't tear, do not put breakable items in bags.

 3.    Box all lamp shades or take them in your car. 

 4.    Whenever possible take electronics yourself or pack in original boxes.

 5.    For those customers wanting to save money, some people will leave only
        the large items, furniture, etc for their movers.

 6.    When packing boxes: use small boxes for books, tapes-heavy items, med,
        and large boxes for light-weight items, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.

 7.    When using wardrobe boxes-fill the bottom of the wardrobe box with light
        weight items-comforters, etc.

 8.    To save on packing paper, some customers will use linens, towels, etc to
        wrap breakable items when boxing these items. Other things to remember
        when hiring a mover:

 9.    The farther the distance and more steps there are, the longer your move will

 10.  Have all appliances (refrigerator, washer-dryer) disconnected. There is an
        additional charge for this.

 11.  No mover is allowed (under state law) to transport flammable or hazardous
        substances...i.e. propane tanks, gasoline, paint or paint thinners, etc.

 12.  Most movers will not move you in pouring rain, lightening, or ice storms, and
         the customer is responsible for protecting their floor unless they are willing
         to pay extra.

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