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Dear Norman, I wanted to drop you a line of thanks for your superb handling of my mother-in-law's move to South Bend from Lewisville.

As you're aware, this move has been promped by the recent death of my wife's brother, Lewis Leverich, who lived in Lewisville. Since Diane and I are the only family that Betty (my mother-in-law) has left we felt it was important to relocate her closer to us.

This move involved not only Betty's personal belongings but the bulk of Lewis' estate. Diane and I had been concerned that Betty wouldn't be able to put all of the pieces of such a move together by herself. As you can imagine, the past few months have been extremely stressful, and emotionally draining for all of us, and coordinating the final move up here has burned up the phone lines, trying to figure out how to arrange things. At one point we had actually planned to fly down to Dallas, rent a truck, and pack and move everything up here ourselves.

We consider it a stroke of luck (or Divine guidance) that Betty came to call you. All three of us are impressed with the conscientious way you handled her move, and your concern that everything you moved arrived in undamaged condition, especially the large (and sometimes) delicate pieces of furniture.

Your assistant Ed is also an asset to you! I hope you do indeed promote him- if he gets away from you it's sure to be a big loss to you. Please thank him again from all of us for his hard work, and his care in helping make sure everything arrived and was unloaded without damage.

I hope you will use us as a reference in the future. I have been truly impressed with your commitment to service- something Diane and I understand well from our profession.

Diane and Michael Elliott


Dear Norman,

It has almost been a year since you moved me from a third floor apartment at River Oaks to the Madison on Cedar Springs. Once again I am calling upon you to provide packing help for my upcoming move to Japan.

First let me comment on the move from River Oaks. I was in a third floor apartment as far away from the elevator as possible. Therefore, it was necessary for your men to climb three long and steep flights of stairs to have access to my apartment. Add to this that I had many large and heavy pieces of furniture, and file cabinets that were filled with files and very heavy.

I was amazed and so relieved as I watched your men go up and down those three flights of stairs over and over again, and with out a complaint or grumble. They were always pleasant and most efficient. The move was accomplished without a hitch and nothing lost, dented, broken, or scratched. I have moved several times around the Metroplex and also from the Washington, DC area. This move was by far the best move I have made. Also, I was most pleased with your charges which were the lowest I could find.

As to the current packing and cleanup here, thought I am not finished and will need two men next week, so far the man which you sent has been a very big help, and once again I appreciate his most helpful and efficient attitude.

Norman though you can not be of much more help in getting me to Japan, I will always be appreciative of the great jobs you and your folks have done. Please accept my sincere thanks and best wishes for your success in the future.

Alan M. Weil


Dear Norman and Staff,

Just wanted to take a few minutes out of our busy schedules to say, "Thank you"! Not only for the great job you and your staff have done for us here at Gregor's Studios, but also, for the timely deliveries, and the willingness to go that extra mile when needed.

In our business we deal with high end home builders, designers, and architects, and many of the times we have such a short lead time, that whenever I've needed a quick turnaround on shipping, you and your staff have always managed to come through for us.

We have many friends and neighbors here in the "Dallas Design Center", that I would be happy to recommend you and your service at any time. Keep up the great work.

Look forward to doing more business in the near future!

Deborah Perez
Operations and Sales Manger

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